Yamirukka bayamey and American Horror story – Panni Moonji Vaaya

Recently I started watching American Horror Story in Netflix, originally a FX TV network show which is an anthology horror series. Each episode contains mini horror stories within and when I saw an episode “piggy piggy” I suddenly felt that the story is very similar to something I have seen before. Yeah, its Yaamirukka Bayamey starring actor Krishna, Karuna and Yogi Babu. So the connection between Yamirukka bayamey and American Horror story is none but our own popular Panni Moonji Vaaya..

Piggy Man

A patient narrates his belief in an urban legend which cause him afraid of saying Piggy Man in front of a mirror

Panni Moonji Vaaya

Cheated and killed by a brother, a man haunts the mirror and kill anyone who says Panni Moonju Vaaya ..


Is it a coincidence, inspiration or Copy I will let you guys decide, but hope you guys enjoy the comparison.

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